ANGRY! 70% of Students in HK’s Universities are Mainland Chinese!!!

I do not suppose anyone would disagree that universities in Hong Kong should give priority to Hong Kong students.

In Hong Kong, the number of students from China has been growing while the number of spaces for the local Hong Kong students has been stagnant. Bear in mind the fact that these universities are partly funded by the Hong Kong SAR government, which means tax payers in Hong Kong are funding foreign students.

The latest statistics show that an alarming 70% of the postgraduate students in the universities in Hong Kong are Chinese from Mainland China. These universities explain that recruiting foreign students is a way to internationalise their schools. However, the so called “internationalisation” is misleading! A truly internationlised university should have students from all over the world, which is what universities in Hong Kong used to be, but not from ONE SINGLE COUNTRY.

The majority of these so called “international” students from China have the traditionally Chinese mentality – refuse to emigrate into the local society nor would they embrace the local culture, criticise Hong Kong and the people of Hong Kong, victimise themselves when they provoke public outcry. Here are a few blog posts by another blogger about these students from China:

City University incident

Student from China Calls HKer DOGS

Poly U China Students Hates HK

One thing I want to say is if these students from China despise their host universities and their host country (Hong Kong) and if China is such a wonderful place in all aspects, why did they CHOOSE to come to Hong Kong to study? Why did they CHOOSE to work in Hong Kong after they graduated? All they want is the Hong Kong identity cards or use Hong Kong as a platform for them to immigrate to other countries!

Hong Kong students are working on raising fund to place advertisements in newspapers. Below are the first round of designs, you can also visit the Facebook group which was set up a while ago:



There have been numerous cases that clearly shows these universities favours students from China. The banners they put up in the campuses are in Simplified Chinese instead of the official written language – Traditional Chinese. Announcements are written with China terminologies. There’s a case recently reported by the press which was extremely controversial (also shows how ungrateful those Chinese students could be, CY Leung helped him to get his degree, and he turned around and said CY Leung would unlikely to uphold justice during his tenure as Hong Kong SAR’s Chief Executive).

Another thought: The world is getting really confused about how to differentiate between Hong Kongers and Chinese, sometimes they mixed Taiwanese up with Chinese as well! I can honestly say, this would insult the genuine Taiwanese and Hong Kongers who have their national pride.

6 thoughts on “ANGRY! 70% of Students in HK’s Universities are Mainland Chinese!!!

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  3. hi.I am a student from CUHK.I am interested in this topic and I am writing a paper about this,so I want to know that how do u know 70% postgraduate students are from mainland China.Is there any report?

      • Just saying but facebook is definitely not a credible source of information nor are blogs. Especially for educational papers.

        @Myra, if you are still writing a paper on this, try asking the PR staff of the Universities for the ethnic breakdown of their students. Though I am not sure if they might lump Taiwan/Mainland/HK students into the chinese category which then you might have to specify. But they should be able to give you the information legally, as long as they dont include the names of students 😉 Good luck.

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