Hong Kong netizens livid over $100 Million Sichuan earthquake relief fund

Hong Kongers do not wish to donate money to China, not because we have no humanity but we have learnt our lesson… Donating money to China creates another golden opportunity for corrupt officials in China to make massive profit in their fellow countryman’s suffering… China government blocks all access to Ya-an in Sichuan, and do not accept donation or volunteers from NGOs. ALL MONEY has to go through the China government…
In 2008, Hong Kong people and the HKSAR government donated over HK$20 billion (US$2.6 billion) to China for earthquake relief. The buildings Hong Kong people paid (voluntarily or involuntarily) to rebuilt then collapsed again in this earthquake! It was found that these buildings were built with hollow bricks and poly-foam boards were used in between concrete! These were built under supervision!! How could the people of HK trust China government with their money? That’s why HK people, this time round, are against this donation proposed by the HKSAR government!

Dictionary of Politically Incorrect Hong Kong Cantonese

Despite Hong Kong public’s opposition against donations to Sichuan earthquake, Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying suggested injecting $100 million HKD into a relief fund for the province yesterday. The funding, backed by the pro-Beijing camp, is still being discussed at the Legislative Council.

Netizens’ reactions


Chan: Using taxpayers’ money to make donations is very anti-intellectual. Donations should be launched by the public. The government takes away its people’s money to make donations; Yet, the people can’t say no. Is there any difference from a robbery?

A blogger lamented that Hong Kong government would rather donate money to China than the poor of the city.


In fact, many people in Hong Kong eat in the wind and sleep in the dew. Why doesn’t 689 allocate $100 million to them??? (689 is a nickname for CY Leung, as he got 689 votes in the Chief Executive election.)

Netizens’ replies to the blogger’s question:

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