Hong Kong is a unique place. Who would have thought, a little fishing village could transform into a financial hub in the region? Its unique history (being British colony for over a century), its geographic location, its people and many other things made this magic happen.

Hong Kong, is a wonderful land with amazing people who came from different background. Whoever shares the same values of Hong Kongese and treat this land their home, no matter what colour and race, are Hong Kongeses’ brothers and sisters – the true Hong Kongers.

Hong Kong is so beautiful to me, not just because of the neon lights that lit up the sky at night. I want to reveal to the world what are actually going on in Hong Kong, with an aim to preserve the beauty of this land. Hong Kong needs international support.

Hong Kong may be small, but Hong Kongers are not!

Hong Kong must be free, free from a totalitarian dictatorship (PRC)! We are peaceful, but we will fight the invaders and protect our home, our land and our loved ones.

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  1. Again,not trolling but I would look into what really happened at Tibet before making such claims. I would start off by investigating the Dalai Lama. What ties did he have and for what purpose? When investigating something, always follow the money trail. Once you’ve done that zoom back out to the big picture and you’ll find your answer.

    You are on the path of enlightenment and I wish you all the best with it.

    • Thanks for your note.
      My point about “another Tibet” is that you see ordinary citizens in Tibet went to the extreme route of self-immolation because their land is taken away, and their culture being erased… They are forced to speak a language they did not speak and forced to recognised a government which invaded their land by violence – the worst thing is, these people don’t have any support from anywhere in the world… What human being would commit suicide to make a statement? I can’t think of a more logical reason…
      Politicians are not saints and some of them are worse than others. However, the awareness of the people and their involvements will prevail – governments, politicians, parties and even dictators will eventually face the people. The key is to wake more people up.
      Please search for Call for Arms by Lu Xun (吶喊 – 作者:魯遜), below is from the preface:
      “Imagine an irno house without windows, absolutely indestructible, with many people fast asleep inside who will soon die of suffocation. But you know since they will die in their sleep, they will not feel the pain of death. Now if you cry aloud to wake a few of the lighter sleepers, making those unfortunate few suffer the agony of irrevocable death, do you think you are doing them a good turn?
      “But if a few awake, you can’t say there is no hope of destroying the iron house.”

  2. This blog is wonderfully written. I support you 100% as I am a Hong Konger myself and through my first visit to Hong Kong in decades, I was appalled to see Mainlander influence everywhere. Please keep me posted on news in Hong Kong as the only access I have to information in Hong Kong is through AppleDaily.

  3. I have aspired to find a blog like yours to convey the real voices of Hong Kongers among the International community, seeing how biased the press even in the west were. Really appreciate that i can save my effort seeing this blog. Hope this blog will prosper.

    • Thank you Hip Kee!
      Are you interested in participating in something may be able to help Hong Kong? Please send me a private message to discuss.
      Thanks a lot!
      Free Hong Kong

  4. Hi, you’ve done a really good job here. Everyone should spread this blog far and wide, esp to English speakers who have no clue about what’s happening in Hong Kong.

    I will write to foreign politicians and policy makers and share this blog with them as a reference. Please keep up the good job.

    Thanks so much and all the best!

  5. I’m from Singapore. Came to Hong Kong for tour many times since 1990s and this year (2013) will be my last time, simply because there are too many PRCs. Went to disneyland few days back, a family of 6 PRCs trying to fight and shouted on top of their voice. Lucky, a nice fellow hong konger came to my rescue. Mind you, I was carrying my 1 year old baby at that point. Good luck Hong Kong, I am not coming back anymore….unless those bloody PRCs know how to behave and stop bullying other tourist from other countries

    • Hi Simon,

      Thank you for your note. It is sad to hear what you said…

      First of all, I am truly sorry about your experience. Please do not allow the Singaporean government to make the same mistake the HKSAR CCP government made…

      The influx of Chinese has created so many problems and these problems have outweighed the so called “benefits”. It will come and bite you not in a months time, but a decade’s time. Trust me, this is how Chinese operate. It’s not about conquering you immediately, it’s a LONG TERM game…

      They will never learn how to behave – they believe nothing but money, and believe strongly that as long as they’re paying they own everyone’s arse! One can take a China man out of China but never take China out of a China man. This cannot be changed, not in the next century at least.

      I wish you and your country the best of luck. I do, however, hope that one day you’ll be visiting Hong kong again when we become an independent country.

      May I ask you a favour? Please spread the words, warn people of China’s expansionism and more importantly Hong Kong should and have all the rights to go independent.

      Free Hong Kong

  6. Hi

    Sadly…Singapore is also becoming like Hong Kong…filled with PRCs. We are and we will voted the current government out (in 2016 election) unless they stop allowing PRCs in Singapore. Pray for us, my friend. Pray to Free Hong Kong and prsy for Free Singapore

    • I have heard of it too. That’s why the world needs to beware of China’s expansionism and must not give in for the short term economic benefits as Chinese are here for the long term game – to take over every bit of what is available in this world. Wish you and Singapore the very best luck. May Singapore be free from China’s invasion.

  7. Dear blogger, very interesting site and views you have here. I’m a student from the Journalism and Media Studies Center of HKU and i’m doing a story on the relationship between Chinese Mainland and local students. I think you have something to provide, and i was hoping you could share your thoughts in further detail with me. If you are interested in an interview, please contact me at aprilfangjingma@gmail.com or (852)6736-6084. thanks

  8. I see a bunch of racists here. Hong Kong wouldn’t have been what she is now if not for the mainland China. Your guys will very soon be swept to history’s garbage bin.

  9. It’s sad to see how your minds have been colonized such that you idealize your British masters.
    Frantz Fanon analyzed the colonial mentality in BLACK SKIN, WHITE MASKS. I suggest that free Hong Kongers read it to understand themselves.


  10. What’s up Free HK!! How you guys doing?

    My name is Seth Hirsch, I’m a 22 year old hip hop artist based in New York City. I just made this song and music video inspired by the protests for democracy in Hong Kong. 

    Here is the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhNzpaIxFRM

    This is something I find fascinating and makes me have hope for the future of Hong Kong and mainland China, as well as the world. So many people peacefully and intellectually calling for freedom is remarkable.

    Some good friends of mine are over there as journalists covering the events in depth and it got me super motivated to get involved!

    Anyways, if you find the video cool or interesting, please feel free to post up anywhere or use any other means you may possess to get the word out..it is greatly greatly appreciated 🙂



  11. Assume this site after all its chest thumping has gone the way of the dodo. funnily enough way before the protests even kicked off. Let me guess…got a nice paying job in canada, usa, nz australia etc etc.. got to laugh.. as fickle as a tai tai deciding what hand bag to buy.

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