Billy, a Protester got Arrested but Released TWICE

Billy Chiu, an activist who’s participated in various rallies, was arrested on 4/Aug during a rally to support freedom of speech and against suppression imposed by the CCP and HKSAR government.

The reason? A police officer claimed that Billy tried to snatch his gun!

I wonder if the police did actually feel Billy’s hand touching his gun or was that all a bit of a made up story – because he was RELEASE unconditionally and the police simply said it was just a misunderstanding… What they accused Billy of doing was pretty serious crime, shouldn’t they have handled it more carefully – i.e. at least to have clear evidence? The police officer had his hand covering his gun… Exactly how was that possible? Also, was it really necessary to have eight policemen to move a skinny young lad?

Billy met his misfortune once again yesterday (18/Aug). This time round he was arrested for “disorder in public places” after he shouted “Hong Kong is my country”. Again, he was released unconditionally the same evening because the police hasn’t got sufficient evidence.

Many believe that the police is trying to set an example. Billy is an easy target – let’s face it, he doesn’t have the “good boy” face, and he was caught in cameras repeatedly for shouting out loud, and what’s more: he’s young and pro-HK independence.

I’m sure you know that Anti-Secession Law is very strict in China, a random blog post could be sufficient enough for years of imprisonment. But thankfully, after 500,000 people took it to the street in 2003, Article 23 didn’t go through in Hong Kong.

Imagine if Article 23 goes ahead (it is believed that pushing for Article 23 is one of CY Leung’s political missions alongside of National Education), this chap could be sentenced for life!

Treasure our freedoms, and continue to fight for what we want. Why is it a crime to demand democracy? If democracy doesn’t fit China’s taste, let us be. Leave us alone. Why is China so obsessed with the “unification of Greater China”? Taiwan is an independent country, there’s no doubt about it. Why can’t they simply stop harassing yellow skin and black hair folks?

The world, be warned. China’s expansionism isn’t going to stop until it conquer the world. Look at the number of Chinese immigrating to every countries in the world! They want to be the only power in the world, their ambition is so clear. Why isn’t any of the world leaders aware of it? Why isn’t any of them doing something about it? Kowtowing to China will not warrant you safety, but it’s like a famous ancient saying from The Six Nations Theory “…bringing firewood to extinguish fire. Unless all firewood is burnt out, the fire will not die”. What the world is doing is dangerous, do not be fooled by the Chinese.

Over and out.

1 July Rally 2013

I didn’t want to write about it because so many people have written about it.

I was there, expecting something to happen, but nothing did – all I had was disappointment. If only the Occupy Central organisers could have mobalised the people on that day to occupy the Hong Kong Island from Central all the way to Causeway Bay and force the HKSAR government and China to action. How easy was it when you’ve got over 400,000+ people already on the street? Why wait another year and limit the number of participants to 10,000 people?

Favourite photos from the march:

Golden Forum


Golden Forum

Some international news:
(I like the title of this article)

Quiet enough of reports, don’t you think? I won’t bombarded you with more.

A little question for you: How many people do you think participated in this rally?

The police said at peak there were 66,000

Organiser of the rally said 430,000
(don’t ask me why a demonstration needs organiser, this shows how politically immature the people of HK are… I love my home, but HK folks really need to rethink about what people’s power is and what we are capable of as citizen of Hong Kong  instead of hiding behind the big organisations and public figures and become their chess)

This video by The House News is pretty helpful:

The number of participants isn’t really that important – if people only follow the “designed route” (every single one of the police is placed there) and go home afterwards it achieves absolutely nothing. If the people of Hong Kong can stop being cowards and simply stand in the middle of the city on a random day a random time, the government (both HKSAR and China) will have to surrender or send tanks over to town. People’s power can be peaceful but more effective, the first thing is to have the guts to stand up and stop worrying about “breaking the law” – the police  have forgotten the fact that it has always been the people who pay their salary, and they should stand by the people when the government is suppressing the people because they are “the people” too.