China FA: HK Footballer is a Foreigner

One interesting news in today’s Apple Daily (19/July):

Yapp Hung Fai is the goalie of Hong Kong’s First Division League club South China. Guizhou Renhe Football Club, a China Super League club, offered Yapp a 5 years contract and he’s supposed to join the club end of June.

There are some recent personnel changes in the China Football Association and quoted some sort of regulations that say China football teams cannot hire goalkeepers from Hong Kong and Macau, and refused to allow Yapp, a “foreign nationality” to join Guizhou Renhe.

So, even China comes out to admit that they don’t see Hong Kongers as its own people! This makes me smile – they keep banging on about how “blood is thicker than water” when there are earthquakes or floods, they keep banging on about Hong Kongers should tolerate their barbarian behaviours (defecating in the middle of the street and on the train, for example) because “Hong Kongers are Chinese too”.

Hong Kongers ARE NOT China citizens. For those who own HKSAR passport, you are free to travel to China, but you’ll never be a citizen of China, that is, you can’t get a China passport. So much of “one big family”! What a load of crap.

If you trust the Chinese (again, Chinese in China, not referring to ethnicity), it will cost you!

Over and out