Beijing Subway Calls Uncivialised People Locusts

A while back, a bunch of Hong Kong netizens on Golden Forum raised some money to place a newspaper advertisement as a protest agsinst the colonisation of China/Chinese. The advertisement drew a lot of attention from the press worldwide. The majority of the Western press, as far as I recall, condemn the Hong Kongers for being racists (Mind you, the press says that we are the same race as Chinese though!).

After the advertisement was published, similar advertisements were “created” online. Including Weibo users from Shanghai and Guangzhou. They also hate those who invade their land! However, it seems to me that the press only target the Hong Kongers and kept slashing Hong Kongers…

Locusts is a “trending” term used by Hong Kongers. Not necessarily targeting Chinese, but referring to those who are uncivialised, particularly those who take advantage of the system of Hong Kong but at the same time say that they are not being treated equally or claim that “without China Hong Kong had already finished” – e.g. new immigrants have to wait for a few years before they can apply for social benefits is not exactly discriminatory, it’s just an administrative measure to prevent outsiders (or non-tax payers) from exploiting the system. Simple!

A few days ago, Beijing Subway posted a photo on their Weibo account, calling those who left their trains like a dump “LOCUSTS”!

Why hasn’t the Western media churned out reports saying that Peking folks are discriminating the people of China? Interesting, isn’t it? Same term referring to the same type of behaviours, used by two groups of people in different geographic locations… Does that mean that Hong Kong is in fact not part of China in their point of view? Or is it because “Hong Kongers being Hong Kongers is a sin”?

Yes, Hong Kong was developed way before China did. Yes, Hong Kongers enjoyed a better live compare to those in China since the 50s. But why is it our fault when we despise the uncivialised behaviours and welfare leeches?

Why is it wrong for the people of Hong Kong to defend our own system? Why is it wrong to fight for democracy?

Good fences make good neighbours! Protect Hong Kong from the invasion of China!

Over and Out!


1 thought on “Beijing Subway Calls Uncivialised People Locusts

  1. Yeah, I remember seeing one video in Youtube, one white guy say that Hong Konger and I think Chinese too, being so rude..although I don’t remember what he exactly complaint from

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