No More Chinese Barbarians

Chip Tsao’s recent piece titled “Declare War on Barbarians” sums it all up: why Hong Kongers should stop “tolerating” the so-called cultural difference the Chinese keep claiming…

Behaviours that disturb the public… parents clamoring and assisting their offspring defecate in shopping malls, is not “culture”. There is no such culture call “queue-jumping culture” and “shouting culture” does not exist either. These are absence of “culture” and barbaric behaviours. From now on, we are done with tolerating, we should continue to “discriminate”. The civilised world and the people living in civilisation should declare war on Barbarians!

I can’t agree with him more. Those who try to defend the Chinese when Hong Kongers condemn their “uncivilised” behaviours (defecating in public, queue-jumping, etc) always say “Chinese were brought up in a different cultural environment” and that “Hong Kongers should understand, accept and tolerate the cultural differences”.

These are hardly culture, in a nut shell, they are just not a civilised bunch (I didn’t mean all Hong Kongers are gentlemen and ladies, and many of them are far from it). If they listen to criticism and are willing to change, I believe the whole world would not detest Chinese tourists and immigrants! Why is it ok for them to disregard social norms and civilised behaviours? Why people around the world try to correct them get told off and labelled as “discriminate Chinese”?

Coloured skill does not grant you the jail free card for everything you do, I am most aware of this – I’m a Hong Konger after all. Do Chinese simply don’t understand that it is bad do anything they please and disrespect other countries’ rules/laws/norms? I don’t think so. They want to show the world that (because they’ve been suffering for so many years and suppressed by the CCP regime) they are wealthy and rich and wealthy and rich and wealthy and rich and wealthy… Money is the only value they have, and by behaving like Barbarians, they can (a) highlight the fact that they are Chinese (but now spending money in YOUR land); (b) there’s nothing you can do (because they’re spending money to BUILD you economy); (c) no one dares to upset the Chinese government by banning Chinese tourists (because they have money and they control the world); (d) the world owes the Chinese (but now they are rich and wealthy so the world needs Chinese).

It only takes one thing: the whole world stand up against this sick mentality and turn around to BUILD THEIR OWN ECONOMIES and stop bending over backwards to China for the short term gain. It is tough, but no economy can strive for eternity. Adjustments are essential, what goes up comes down! Once you grow a pair and realise the fact that China is going down, those behaviours will no longer be tolerated (shouldn’t have been at the first place). Hopefully, Chinese will eventually stop being pricks and misbehaving.

Chinese love using the word “discriminate”. Whenever they do not have the upper hand or when they know they’re in the wrong, they will turn around and blame you for discriminating them. Hong Kongers have a saying “if it’s head, you win; if it’s tail, I lose” – this is exactly it.

Over and out!

10 thoughts on “No More Chinese Barbarians

  1. I like it when people try to defend shitting in public as ‘culture difference’ – if it’s just a culture difference HK people should accept then let’s see how people will keep talking when some barbarian comes to their country and do same thing there… will they be so tolerant? I don’t think so

    • Exactly MyHongKongHusband. How could they call this “culture”? It’s simply cultured or not cultured.

      Those who don’t suffer from the appalling behaviours are quite brave to save Hong Kongers discriminate Chinese because Hong Kongers are jealous of Chinese’ wealth. This is non-sense! Even the Thai folks are getting quite angry about Chinese tourists who apparently bring a lot of tourist dosh to Thailand!

      Look at the population of China, it’s a scary thing to imagine. Since those who defend the uncivilised behaviours claim that it’s some sort of “cultural difference” and only a minority of Chinese behave like that… OK! Let’s say ONLY 10% of its population behave like that, let’s do the math… If all of them are allowed out of China and travel to the rest of the world, there will be 140 million “human being” defecating everywhere in the world! This could definitely go to Guinness World Record.


      One should wonder why the people of Hong Kong resent Chinese so much. We’re quite happy living with the people who have different nationalities, including yourslef, MyHongKongHusband. It’s just that Chinese and the CCP government have done way too far, forcing us to express our frustration and anger louder than ever!

    • How wonderful to see a vivid example! You’ve demonstrated Chinese mentality in a triumphant manner!
      Hong Kong is the land of the people of Hong Kong, and no one can order us Hong Kongers to leave our homeland. It has always the been the invaders being kicked out!
      Mind your tongue, sunshine! Southeast Asia? Malay? Are you out of your mind? You are so CHINESE!

      BTW, I like Southeast Asia, people are nice and friendly. Food is great in general! Unlikely China, people would quite happily make sure he kills the injured because it costs him less if the person is dead, and would not go help those in need in case it’s a fraud, the list goes on. Food in China is also dangerous, you don’t know what you put in your mouth: oil “recycled” from drainage, toxic chemical in anything, fake meat, fake salt, nothing is safe in China! Otherwise, why would the Chinese go around the world to buy formula powder?
      A message to my Malaysian friends/visitors! I’m a Hong Konger, very different from Chinese – do note that many Hong Kongers are fake Hong Kongers who simply bribe the “China government officials” to get HK ID cards!
      The one who’s insulting you guys is Mao Pai here, the spelling of his/her name is based on China mandarin, is a Chinese.

      • “You Cantonese are southern barbarians.”…Hmm, I would like to be seen as a human with a heart instead…Do you call all your minorities in ChiNa “savages and barbarians” as well? The Hmong and Mienh were always suspicious of Chinese, I now know why.

  2. True, but even if it were cultural differences, since when does the host have to adapt to the guest? Outside his/her hometown a mainlander is always a guest wherever he/she goes. If you visit or immigrate to another country, it’s you who has to adapt or integrate into the society, not the host. Hongkongers don’t have to accept anything, it’s their home and their rules apply. Who doesn’t like the rules is free to leave. If anything, it’s tolerating but not accepting.

    • Interesting to see how Chinese and Chinese supporters get so angry about Hong Kongers resent Chinese so very much.

      China never had Hong Kong. It was Qing, the Manchurian regime, that used to own Hong Kong and gave it to the Brits. The current China has no legitimacy to take it back anyway. China basically invaded Hong Kong.

      Waste of energy to reason with those who cannot be reasoned with. One thing I do want to ask of people who leave messages here, respect yourselves if you are incapable of respecting others.

  3. I hate to tell you this, but HK isn’t the homeland of the Cantonese and Hakka populations that make up the bulk of HK. That would be Guangdong – from which most of the people you now call barbarians come from in the first place. The natives of Hong Kong are the Austroasiatic speaking people who were displaced when the first Guangdong immigrants came to HK. It’s ironic seeing HKers proclaim themselves to be bona fide natives when their ancestors came just a hundred years ago. But then again, you’re so caught up in your propaganda that you don’t even understand why you’re engaged in discrimination – hint, it has to do with labeling people with one brush regardless of whether they’re guilty of the behavior – so what do I expect?

  4. Mate, this is what 60 years in the hands of the Communist Party does to a country and its people. They are moral relativists and believe that any behaviour, as barbaric as it may be, is justifiable as long as it serves the purposes of the revolution and any behaviour deemed civilised by any rational person should be crushed as it does not serve their goals. Here in the West, Marxist academics and politicians have been gradually taking over our societies and our people are becoming nothing short of degenerates and any criticism is enough to get you labelled a bigot. I can totally see where you’re coming from.

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