Government to Turn Western Market into Wine Cellar, Kicking Out Small Businesses

How many more heritage buildings the HKSAR CCP gang have to ruin before the people of Hong Kong will wake up?
One after another! Preservation? Erasing Hong Kong history and killing small businesses more like! By getting rid of the local businesses, the CCP can officially claim that Hong Kong has nothing left by China-focused tourism and China-focused financial services! Bit by bit, CCP will completely takeover Hong Kong…

The Real Hong Kong News

Apple Daily

2nd September 2013

Government to Turn Western Market into Wine Cellar


The Urban Renewal Authority (URA) intents to transform Western Market, a heritage witnesses the change of Central and Sheung Wan area, into a high-end wine cellar, according to source. The future use of the building will undergo consultation in the near future. The Development Bureau also plans to include Western Market into the next phrase of the Revitalising Historic Buildings Through Partnership Scheme. The 18 fabric retailers who were promised to be settled down in Western Market could face the fate of being forced to move out.

Completed in 1906, Western Market is a British Edwardian Style architecture. Using mainly red bricks and granite in its core structure, Western Market enjoys the longest history amongst all markets in Hong Kong. In 1991, the then Hong Kong Government had Land Development Corporation Managing Board (which was later replaced by URA) to manage Western…

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