Erasing HK Race – First Start with Killing Cantonese

According to the Statistics Department, the percentage of Hong Kongers who can speak Mandarin went up from 25% in 1996 to 50% last year, but the percentage of Hong Kongers who can speak Cantonese (our official language and mother tongue) fell!

China’s invasion or colonisation plan is progressive yet in massive scale:

– Make sure that the people of Hong Kong feel (or fear) that without China, Hong Kong cannot survive

– Once this concept is embedded in the majority of the Hong Kongers (in fact the whole world), they can begin ordering the HKSAR government to “promote” the importance of Mandarin

– If you’ve read ancient Chinese poems, especially Tong poems, you’ll find that they rhyme a lot better if you read them out in Cantonese than Mandarin. Mandarin, is really not a Chinese language, it is the language that was modified based on Manchurian’s mother tongue in Qing. The Chinese back in those days for some reasons prefer to change their own language and appearance (having queue – aka men’s ponytail), and call it “Chinese” so that they don’t feel as bad (Hey! they’re Chinese too, they didn’t invade us, it’s just a change of emperor). Nowadays, Chinese language is taught in Mandarin in HK! Even the government’s website has changed – official languages used to be (as far as I remember) Cantonese and English, but now it says Chinese and English. This may not really mean anything to the non-Chinese speaking community (as they’d say “Cantonese is Chinese too!”), but Cantonese is a language (UN already recognised it!) and that HKers’ mother tongue really is Cantonese. It’s almost like British learning French back in the old days because it’s “the upper class” language (not that Mandarin is upper class by any means) – ridiculous! English is no longer being valued these days, because the whole world is evolving around China, according to China and the western world and of course the HKSAR government. Also, China sees every single British heritage (in fact anything that’s related to the post-handover time) is a disgrace to them, they have no intention for HKers to speak good English – they don’t care if HKers lose their competitiveness because HKers are never one of the Chinese in their eyes. The result is the appalling standard of English, particularly the younger generation.

– Erasing your language is only the beginning. You must have read about how great China is when it comes to censorship. There’s a book on Hong Kong history, the (traditional) Chinese version is being censored and a revised version was published and all the “non-censored” copies were recalled. Now that the English standard is low, the Chinese version available is censored, the Hong Kongers is prevented from reading the real history. Clever, hey?

Another thing I want to point out is that, there are 150 (yes, one hundred fifty) Chinese from across the boarder who can immigrate to Hong Kong EVERY DAY! After 16 years, there are approximately 870,000 Chinese who now call themselves Hong Kongers. Bear in mind, though, Hong Kongers cannot get a China citizenship nor the PRC passport. 870,000 is around 12% of Hong Kong’s current total population!

Imagine, say for example, you’re American…

You walk into your local grocery store, the shop owner and staff there all speak to you in Spanish and when you ask them to speak English, they were in awe.

When you tell foreigners who’re visiting America that you’re from America, and he/she response “Isn’t America part of Mexico?” When you explain that they are two separate country (alright, Hong Kong isn’t independent yet, but give it time), “But your country’s soil is connected to the Mexican soil!”

When your government tell you, Spanish is very important because the amount of trade and the increasing number of Mexican immigrants, you need to accommodate them so all American have to adapt Spanish as their main language.

How’s that make you feel?

To make it worse, you are a loyal countryman, and pay tax on time, never ask anything from government (social benefits, etc), and because of the influx of immigrants who have low (or no) skills, and cannot find job in your country. Your government spend your tax money to provide these foreigners everything they need: medical, education, social welfare, etc. while you are earning so little that you could just pay tax and live a everything bear minimum life (don’t even think about buying a flat)… You call for help and complain about exploitation, these immigrants turn around and tell you “you have to accommodate us, we share the same ethnicity! You should speak our language too because we are so important to your country” and then apply their entire family and sometimes folks from the entire village to move into your country and do exactly the same thing.

Imagine all these have been happening in your country for 16 year. At start this happened slowly but now your neighbouring country is speeding this process up.

You become the minority of your country, yet have to support the majority who invade your country! Shouldn’t you stand up and tell the world that this cannot go on? Even shut down the government and gain your rights back and protect your children from suffering even more server consequences that await them?

Over and out.

9 thoughts on “Erasing HK Race – First Start with Killing Cantonese

  1. The thing I never quite understood it the utter lack of acknowledgement of ethnic minority influence on Cantonese culture and language. Cantonese is a Middle Chinese language spoken with Zhuang pronunciation and accent more or less. If you want to emphasize your uniqueness to the world, study ancient history starting with 越王勾踐劍. Stop using the term “Chinese” for all purposes because it represents the Qin dynasty which was traditionally seen a cruel period. I would not mind if u start using “Tong” to describe Cantonese, but we need to start somewhere. The “Tong” dynasty had a lot of influence from the Western tribes (Xianbei) and innovation flourished during this period b/c of the free flow exchange of ideas.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more! As a matter of fact, there used to be different kingdoms of different cultures and languages in the present land of China. The kingdoms are now no longer in existence. The languages and cultures are becoming extinct. I feel pity for the Cantonese if they are too identified with the generic term Chinese in the future. Losing culture and language you will lose everything. Let us learn from the case of Vietnam, who used to be ruled under ancient China for almost 1000 years, yet they still survive!!

      • Thanks a lot for your reply. It is killing me to see that our language and culture are being marginalised. I am sure you aren’t the only one who sees it. It’s just a matter of time that the world realise that China is invading not just their nearest neighbour but the entire world. Protecting HK is the first step but this is a long term fight/war. Otherwise, sooner or later it’s Asia and the entire world

      • Xianbei were Mongolic speaking people who merged with Chinese.

        ” They were a northern or northeastern Asian Mongoloid population according to modern Chinese and Russian anthropologists.[1] “

  2. one more thing stop using “race” to describe HK ppl or for a matter fact also stop using the term “race” to describe 支那 ppl. Mongoloid describes a race, but “han-Chinese” does not its a cultural entity.

  3. Hongkongese IS a race that is differ from Chinese. People form the North and the South are of different race since ancient times. But then brainwashed Chinese would even say Tibetan are Chinese because they are “in China”, while they just occupied Tibet and suppress their language, freedom, culture, religion and so on.

  4. Great article, and an excellent analogy to our situation her in the USA. In the HK situation, there is a very small seemly insignificant population living in a place ( speaking strictly in terms of numbers and land area ) that relative to China should not matter enough to be worth destroying. In the USA, it appears to be the opposite, the minority is trying to destroy the culture of the majority. However, if one considers the smallest minority, ie. the individual, it is quite the same. Our constitution was designed to protect the rights and freedoms from the majority rule (democracy) and also from the oppression of government (tyranny).. So why would either government desire this? Both want power, their power is based on control. The fear the individual, they fear free thinking, they fear success. If both of these governments are successful in their endeavors to destroy these cultures, will it cause a net improvement or deterioration to the living conditions and standards of those people under their authority? Naturally, as centralized control increases the quality of all aspects of life degrade. If their motives and intentions were pure, China would emulate the improvements in the culture of HK in order to raise the living standard in China, likewise in the USA rather than reducing our own living standards to accommodate Mexican immigrants, compel Mexico to change and improve their own system to attract people to stay and even immigrate there.
    Neither government is interested in improving the lives of their citizens, only in controlling them for their own power and exploitation.

    • Thank you so much for your note. Although it is unclear whether you’re based in the US or elsewhere but this is very encouraging and enlightening. Please come by again and I look forward to a better world.

  5. Like always, I support Hong Kong people to defend freedom. But I have only one suggestion, when people talking about Cantonese culture and the language, please do NOT forget there’re still many Cantonese people living in Guangdong Province of China. Although the mainland was dominated by the Communist for more than half a century, but the Cantonese people in Guangdong were always apart from the Northern people and they are proud of their culture and language, yet they and their children were forced to learn and use Mandarin. As most of the Hong Kong population were original from Guangdong and most of them still have relatives in Guangdong, please, when you talk about Cantonese, do NOT forget there are tens of millions of Cantonese people are also fight in Guangdong to protect their language and culture.

    I am living in the U.S. and original from Guangdong Province, I changed our family name from Jiang to Kong. When the judge asked me why I need to change the family name, I told him because Jiang was created by a cruel Communist Party, and that has nothing to do with my culture, further more, we don’t actually pronounce our family name like that. The last, I had started writing our race as ‘Cantonese’ whenever I need to fill out forms ask for ethnicity. We are just different from most of the Chinese.

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