Paul Chan Mo-po: My Son is Only My Wife’s Family

Politics is not always boring and serious. Hong Kongers are full of creativity when it comes to public affairs – the government won’t listen, getting angry is on thing, but make it laughable perhaps can make our days go by easier…

Paul Chan Mo-po, Secretary for Development, is in deep trouble once again – after drunk driving and operating illegal sub-dividing flats.

The Real Hong Kong News translated an article in today’s Apple Daily, which shows that how “articulate” the HKSAR government officials are.

Below is a photo created by a blogger that frequently produce sarcastic photos or comics, which says:

How Westerner and Hong Kong government officials call their son (seems like the perfect timing as the Duchess of Cambridge have just given birth to the new king):

Westerner: My Son

Hong Kong government official: My Wife’s Family

People of Hong Kong began to make fun of Paul Chan and said “poor Mr. Chan, having to raise another man’s kid for such a long time.”

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