Anchor Babies – A Little Thoughts…

Hong Kong is well known for being crowded, the living standard of the grass wood locals is unimaginable. Many live in cages, and some live in sub-diving flats where, in some cases, a family of four will be sharing a room of 30 sq. ft.

Chinese from all over China rush to Hong Kong to give birth to their babies. The parents of these anchor babies (which means neither of their parents are Hong Kong residents) argued that they only want the best for their children (because the education in China is too bad, according to them). However, they conveniently forget that the approval process of new immigrants applications from China is handled by China, not Hong Kong.

Some of them stay in Hong Kong (via travel visa) and apply for benefits from the Hong Kong social welfare! Luckily, the Hong Kong SAR government has changed the law – why should the tax payer be subsiding the people who took advantage of the system in Hong Kong and have the rest of their families move to HK and continue to take advantages and resources of Hong Kong.

When people of  Hong Kong suggest that these parents should have taken their children back to China – if raising children is so difficult! They make the excuses for not being able to help their children to apply for ID card in China (because of the one child policy). Shouldn’t they have thought about it before having the second child?

Parents of anchor babies also complain that the quality of life and the number of school spaces is not good enough for them. If you’re expecting to have a house this big (see picture below), you really can’t live on social benefits – not many people can afford houses like this in Hong Kong!


For school spaces, have you heard about the local students who have to travel over an hour away from their home to go to school everyday? It’s all because of the anchor babies forcing the locals to move to another district for school. The facilities and education systems are designed for the people of Hong Kong and can only accommodate the expected population growth in HK…

They keep saying that they are under a lot of pressure living in Hong Kong, but why can’t they move back to their home town? If Hong Kong is such a difficult place for you to live and there’s a much easily and comfortable life waiting for you in China, why insist on staying in Hong Kong?

The problem is spreading to the US and many other Western countries too. I recently read that Canada is considering to change its law to stop anchor babies from getting citizenship.

Good luck, world. Look at Hong Kong’s situation, you’ll probably learn a thing or two before embracing China’s expansionism…

2 thoughts on “Anchor Babies – A Little Thoughts…

  1. I heard about it… they even had protest against it. I can understand that every mother wants a better life for a child but people who do that are mostly rich people, they are just cheap bastards abusing system of any other place – same in America, give a birth here to either get a green card when child gets adult or come back to China but send child to study there as citizen, not foreign student and save 3 times money. I always get so mad/upset when I hear about that kind of abusing people but my husband is so calm because he says we as people beside complaining cannot do much – it’s up to government to not let it happen. And then I get even more upset becase he is right >.< we can only hope now

    • Ideally, in a truly democratic society, the government which is is elected by the people (hence is accountable to the people) will listen and response to the people’s voice.
      The problem of Hong Kong is that the HKSAR government is a puppet government which only takes and executes order from Peking/China, and put the livelihood and “satisfaction level” of the people of China ahead of that of the people of Hong Kong.
      The HKSAR government could certainly amend the Basic Law (the so-called mini-constitution of Hong Kong) and seal the loophole.
      Basic Law is something that Chinese government always pulls out when they want to manipulate Hong Kong’s legal system and of course the political reform. When people of Hong Kong demand a democratic election, the Chinese government always say we have to do it within the framework set by Basic Law. Hang on! Who has the “right” to interpret Basic Law? CHINA! That means no matter what HK people do, as long as China doesn’t like it, China can come out and reinterpret it (just like what they did to the promised universal suffrage in 2016/2017).
      That’s why people are starting the campaign to encourage people like you and me to amend the Basic Law and create a new consitution.
      Unfortunately, at the moment, I’ve only seen the Traditional Chinese version of the platform, and I will ask the group who’s initiate it to create an English platform, which is very important – after all, both English and Traditional Chinese/Cantonese are the official langauges in Hong Kong.

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