When Western Media Covers HK – Why Do Many Caucasians Support Chinese but Condemn Hong Kongers?

I have been following this news about Hong Kong being most racist in the world, and so glad that the name of Hong Kong has been cleared after some tough work our friendly blogger did:

The western media does not seem to pay a lot of attention to HK except when HK is being condemned for being a racist country (please do not tell me calling Hong Kong a country isn’t PC). I have some rather difficult to digest thoughts to share:

  • Self-abased but self-important
    Chinese are ashamed of the history baggage they all share – being beaten at many wars by Japanese and Western countries. The low self-esteem amongst the Chinese is not spoken, they are not even aware of this problem. For example, when you asked them about WWII, all they focus on was Japan’s invasion and what a humiliation that was to China, but fail to discuss the war on a different level.
    They cannot face the deeply rooted problems Chinese all share, nor could they admit the problems and try to correct them (well detailed by Joe Chung’s book “I Don’t Want to be Chinese Again” – no English translation available yet. This book is banned, obviously, in China but have a lot of awakening facts and argument about Chinese people). The so called history baggage has been suppressing Chinese. However, given the recent decades of economic advancement, Chinese seem to have become extremely self-important because of the new wealth they have – just look at the luxury shops and see how they behave, as if “one can do anything he wants as long as he has money”. The extremely self-abased people are now loaded with money, a new tool for exploitation from an individual to a global level, they are not extremely self-important. “Extreme self-abased turns into extreme self-important” – a phrase Hong Kongers use on its own people
  • “Persecutory delusion”
    Chinese is tuned or trained to believe that they have been suffering from discrimination across the world and the western world, in particular, have mistreated Chinese for centuries. Every time there is any sort of incidents caused by their behaviour (for example, the formula powder shortage problem), Chinese would come out shouting they are being discriminated. This deeply rooted mindset cannot be changed. They enjoy being the powerless victims when things happen to them, because of the point below
  • White guilt
    Western world did start war in China, even colonised some Asian countries or imported Asian for cheap labours for decades. This somehow imposed a guilt amongst the Caucasians thinking they need to protect the “yellow skin fellows”
  • Who are Hong Kongers?
    Hong Kongers are seen by the Western world a more civialised country than China (because the British government had taught Hong Kongers a lot of universal values and simply because the world know that communist countries cannot work). Hence, Hong Kongers are being seen equals on the level of “social sophistication”. Unfortunately, because of the skin colour, Caucasians still can’t quite see Hong Kongers with yellow skin as their equals! Caucasians in general do think they are more superior than the coloured people – many deny and say this type of comment is racist. But I think people prefer to stick to those who are similar to themselves – in terms of appearance, believes, tradition, etc. We often generalise things, and judge people by their skin or they way they dress. Generalisation is built-in self-protection mechanism – we hang out with people look and behave similar to ourselves, so we know what to expect and what not to do, the most extreme is we stereotype others so that we will be extra carefully when we meet someone who looks and speaks differently than ourselves. Here’s a massive conflicts!
  • How should we treat Chinese?
    Because of the White Guilt, Caucasians want to save those “poor coloured people”. This fits perfectly when the Chinese love to promote their “victim” identity. Although they are not shy about their wealth, they have no problem emphasizing their imaginary victim identity which trigger the sympathy of kind-hearten people (may it be Caucasians or local Hong Kongers) – the people from Hong Kong (as said before, a more civilised country) must help educate the less educated and less civilised Chinese! Please remember, China’s economy is amongst the top three, the people who play this “victim” game aren’t those poor ones – they are the ones who can afford to travel around the world and buy expensive handbags, etc (a fantastic example here in recent news). However, the western world, perhaps being blinded by the White Guilt, yes, the Brits have taught the Hong Kongers a lot things (values, justice, honesty, etc), but back then the Brits have the absolute power, it was relatively easier for them. Now that China has Hong Kong’s sovereignty and has an upper hand over Hong Kong (the worst is many Hong Kongers believe that if it wasn’t for China, Hong Kong had died) Hong Kong, as a nation of 7 million people, is in no position to educate or transform China, a nation with 1.3 billion people.

**let me repeat one more time: the term “Chinese” in my blog when referring to human beings is “national Chinese” not “racial Chinese”**

45 thoughts on “When Western Media Covers HK – Why Do Many Caucasians Support Chinese but Condemn Hong Kongers?

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  2. If you want to hear a white person who supports Hong Kong, you got one here! Hong Kong for Hon Kongese!

    • Dear Gerry,

      Thank you so much for your support, this is exactly what makes my day!

      Please follow my blog and other friendly bloggers I’ve mentioned in various posts/re-blog their posts. It is equally important to share the posts you find interesting with your friends in Hong Kong or anywhere in the world.

      I hope one day Hong Kong will be run by the people of Hong Kong and completely free from the CCP and China. This is not something we can do alone, we need international awareness and support.

      Have a great day and look forward to seeing you here again.


      Free Hong Kong

    • I’m white British, and I love Hong Kong and the Hong Kongese – I think it’s the greatest city in Asia! I work in Bangkok now, which is also a good place, but I hope I get the opportunity to live in HK one day. I just hope it’s not ruined before I get there 😦

      • Thanks John. Spread the words to anyone you come across, make them realise that one of the most vibrant places in this world is being ruined by China.
        Visit other bloggers who are strive to protect and save Hong Kong from the Communist.

        You can also subscribe to a joint Facebook page newly developed by a friendly blogger:

        Hope to see you again!

    • This is not a great article at all. Is Biased Chinese civilization was the richest and greatest in the world for the longest time it’s only until western imperialism and communism that made China into a hell hole. Europeans themselves were also ruled by non-europeans for thousand years like Mongols, Turkic , Moors, Arabs

      • None of what you just said has any relevance to the article, it just sounds like you’re upset that China is being criticised.

        The success of Chinese civilization in the past is irrelevant, we’re talking about *now*, and that’s all that matters. Yes, communism (or rather, Mao and the Chinese Communist Party) has made China a hell hole, and that’s precisely why Hong Kongers don’t want to be a part of it. Ideology doesn’t do anything by itself, it needs people to believe in it and enforce it, and it’s those people who are to blame.

        Also, Europe was never ruled by Mongols, Turks, Moors or Arabs (whereas China was ruled by the Mongols for almost a century), but what has that got to do with anything?

  3. Chinese defeatist attitude started ever since the Mongol invasion, and even then they make themselves feel better by claiming Genghis Khan was a Chinese! This attitude that “China can do no wrong” is literally alienating 支那.

    • Thanks Baiyueh for the knowledge. I am not surprised that this attitude started way back.
      You’ve got a very good point – they (Chinese) make themselves feel better by claiming Genghis Khan was a Chinese
      I am sure you’re very familiar with history, and would be delighted to hear more of your thoughts and inputs.
      Thanks a lot for stopping by!

  4. Most journalists in Western media who covers Chinese and Hong Kong news, guess what, are 1st or 2nd generation Chinese immigrants. There are rarely people from Hong Kong (both because HK has a smaller population, and that immigrants/overseas students from HK don’t see journalism as a career that can make the same money as consulting/finance) who ascend to those positions.

    There was many cases HK netizens complained about biases of HK’s coverage in western media…. e.g. Te Ping Chen from Wall Street Journal, Juliana Liu from BBC
    Very sad. And i don’t see them changing anytime soon.

    • Absolutely. HKers can’t blame others for this, that’s why we need to spread the words. Let the world know what the commies are doing to HK. Thanks for dropping by and comment.

  5. The guilt upon CHinese is overrated. Chinese uses shame/ guilt against “Foreigners” to hijack for more. If Chinese does have any shame, they should be shameful on what they did to their own ppl. Honestly, any western press (NY times, WSJ, etc) claim the one country two system is work simply is a lie. In short, China is performing genocide to HK ppl. To Causian, this is very hard to understand what I’m talking about. As causian think we deeply attached to China, with blood relatives & being direct descendant as China ppl. Visionize that the relationship is more like Malaysian Chinese to Singaporean — can you see they are the same ppl?

    • Thank you Nancy. It is very frustrating when explaining what’s going on in Hong Kong to people from other parts of the world. To be brutally honest, some HKers are very ignorant or they simply bury their heads in the sand praying that it will pass… The so called one country two systems was all a lie from the very beginning. It was stupid to support the transfer of sovereignty back then. The consequences of their foolish and blinded “love for China” are born by us.
      If you’re interested in helping Hong Kong, please send me a private message.

  6. The another annoying trend is that western media constantly put Hong Kong one of those ill-conceived “The world’s most livable cities” list.

    It completely creates the illusion that HK is a prosperous place full of wealth and happiness (think Switzerland), when the reality is exactly the opposite. When I see one of those lists, I really go beserk and ask my foreign friends “don’t believe a word of this”.

    Western media covering Hong Kong are led by Sino-centric journos, or hedonistic expatriates who only cares about having fun.

    Hong Kong is a great place to live for them because they are only passing by.

    I think i really have to write to The Economist and Monocle to stop pulling this sick joke on us.

    • Hong Kong *is* a prosperous place full of wealth. The problem is that it’s now under tremendous threat from the mainland which seeks to trample and destroy the freedoms that made Hong Kong so prosperous. If Hong Kong wasn’t so prosperous, there wouldn’t be any reason to protect it from the mainland.


      • There’s a reason why so much business is conducted in Hong Kong, and there’s a reason why Hong Kong went from being a poor coastal village to being one of the richest places in the world in only a few decades. Even if you don’t think Hong Kong is #1, it’s still absolutely one of the most economically free places in the world, which is why Hong Kong is worth defending. Can you explain why you think otherwise?

        Also, if the rankings are totally wrong, what’s the point in defending Hong Kong against the much less free mainland? If you’re not seeking to preserve your freedoms, what are you trying to preserve? Independence only has a point if there’s a real, substantial difference between your system and the system you seek independence from.

        Note that the rankings say nothing about political, cultural and intellectual freedom, which will be considerably lower precisely because Hong Kong is now part of the PRC.

      • Perhaps I didn’t explain myself clearly. I agree with you, Darkademic, on there are a lot of businesses in Hong Kong. No doubt about the fact that economically, Hong Kong is free. The rankings I’m referring to is the “livibility” ranking.
        The EIU (if I recall correctly) did once say that Hong Kong is “free” from a political prospectus (in fact the ranking went up this year compare to last). However, if you dig deep to find out how they “evaluate” each country on the list, you’ll know it’s a complete utter joke.

  7. Speaking as a white person from the UK, I honestly don’t think many Westerners support mainland China. My wife, who is actually from Guangzhou but who has lived in the UK for the last 10 years, did her masters degree dissertation on how the Western media affects the opinions of Westerners on China, and found a mostly neutral or negative view of the mainland, for example the Western media is highly critical of issues such as human rights abuses in China. However, it probably is the case that Westerners are mostly unaware of the enormous cultural and ideological differences between Hong Kong and the mainland.

    Hong Kong is my favourite place in the world, and I think the CCP’s slow erosion of the freedoms that made Hong Kong great is absolutely despicable. I’m glad there are people like you standing up against it.

    On a side note, when I first met my wife she was fully supportive of the CCP and was very patriotic, but I’m happy to say she’s now very much anti-CCP and pro-HK. So it’s certainly possible to break through the communist propaganda, even after a lifetime of being exposed to it.

    • Fair point about Westerns have neutral/negative views on China in terms of their human rights, etc. However, when Hong Kongers tell the Chinese off for their behaviours and the government’s attempt to erase our roots and culture, the Western media often sided with Chinese and suggest/hint that the people of Hong Kong overreact or should “tolerate” these barbarian behaviours. But when they do the same thing in their countries, they take a completely different view!

      I (and am sure many of the fellow Hong Kongers) welcome folks like you who care about Hong Kong and wish that you will continue to spread the words about Hong Kong. We need more people to be aware of what the Chinese are doing to Hong Kong and hopefully one day Hong Kong will be free from this bloody regime.

  8. I have to agree with Darkademic. I haven’t heard many negative views about Hong Kong in the media. There are definitely more negative views about China – at least in the UK. Communism, Human rights, animal rights, no freedom of speech etc…we really don’t support that! But I think sometimes Hong Kong is lumped in with China. People don’t always understand they are not the same thing.

    Before I met my boyfriend, who is from Hong Kong, I knew little about Hong Kong. (If i’m honest, I thought Hong Kong was a separate country that used to be owned by the UK. I knew it was near China but I didn’t realise it was actually in China.) I always had the idea in my head that China is “slightly dodgy” though I do want to visit it one day, and pretty much everyone I know has a similar view. However, the ones who are more educated about the world don’t think of Hong Kong in the same way. The ones that do don’t understand Hong Kong’s British influence and the huge cultural differences – I have a friend who is convinced people in Hong Kong eat dogs and cats for example. It is very likely that people speaking negative of Hong Kong have the exact same view of China. I don’t know anyone who likes China but doesn’t like Hong Kong.

    People do need to understand what is going on with Hong Kong and China. I’m not sure I want to go to Hong Kong if it becomes completely under Chinese rules and laws because it won’t be the same and I won’t feel as safe. (i’m sure I would be as safe, it’s just the feeling I get)

    • I see where you are coming from. Below are a few international media reporting on Hong Kong matters:

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVq96gEwUzw&feature=youtu.be (BBC)
      (“Hong Kongers should adjust their attitudes. In the past, mainlanders suffered a miserable life and were inferior to others. But now things are different. Tourists from the mainland bring Hong Kong huge profits and employment opportunities. Mainlanders are in a good mood and the Hong Kongers’ attitude is problematic.”)

      Compare this:
      to this:

      If you read carefully about them, these international/western media often use Chinese to report on Hong Kong matters and they even fabricate stories (e.g. Hong Kongers NEVER EVER call Filipinos cockroaches like the BBC reporter said – I’m born and raised in HK, and this has never ever been heard of). These journalists all have an agenda before requesting to interview Hong Kong people. I know some of the guys being referred to in the BBC report, they declined to entertain her request simply because they prefer to remain anonymous. This woman twisted it and projected a subjective views on why these guys refused to take her interview.

      The important thing is that more and more people start to think that Hong Kongers are the same as Chinese. If you read the news about Hong Kong, you’ll see how much the true Hong Kongers hate Chinese and many resent being called Chinese. Also, China is sending 150 of its own people to Hong Kong as “new immigrants”. In the past 16 years, there were close to 1 millions new immigrants from China. This is mental! 1 million! What China is doing is to turn Hong Kong into “a genuine part of China”, so that the real Hong Kongers will have no choice (as the living standard drops to the bottom and government turns completely pro-China), but to leave Hong Kong. Those who can’t leave will have to take it all!

      I sincerely ask you to help broadcast the message that China is doing what they did to Tibet 50 years ago to Hong Kong now. Hong Kong will not be turned into Communist, not yet. Gradually, however, Hong Kong will become a “free market” completely controlled by China where it can leverage on to access international capital.

      Many of those who like China hates Hong Kong people. They hate the fact that Hong Kong people don’t like China for what it is (they’ve been brainwashed to believe in China is a great country only because the party is bad, blah blah blah) and look down on Chinese. COME ON! If you see those barbarian (or animal) behaviours (defecate in shopping mall corridor, queue jumping yet punch at people who tell them off, etc) day in day out, you will hate them too. If there are sufficient of that making the news every other day, bad behaving Chinese isn’t exactly minority, right?

      The worst thing is, Chinese knew that their government is the source of all problems and it’s corrupted. Instead of overthrowing the tyranny, they try so very hard to be at the top of the system and exploit others before they get exploited. Their value is solely attached to monitory terms – making money is their only goal. Otherwise, why would a country produces nothing that is edible? That’s why Chinese raid everywhere in the world to buy formula powder. People in the world, however, point their fingers at Hong Kongers and said we should supply China baby powder (but they will impose quota/measures to prevent Chinese from buying it all). Hang on!!! Shouldn’t the bloody Chinese government sort out the milk industry in China so that the people in China will feel safe to use the locally produced milk products?

      Sorry if I come across like a venting old fart, but these things make my blood boils.

      Thank you ever so much for visiting this blog. If you’re interested in Hong Kong and how Hong Kongers are struggling to survive and what Chinese are doing to Hong Kong, please join this group of Facebook, where a few bloggers posts updates on:


      Hope to see you again.

      Free Hong Kong

      • I think there are always going to be bad things said in the media and dodgy journalists but there are good things too! These articles don’t represent the general opinion. Just a few journalist who want to make a scene.

        My boyfriend has told me all about disliking the Chinese and I could really see the culture difference last time I went. I was really not thrilled about getting leaned on and pushed in a queue to get down the Peak by a load of Chinese tourists. (But then the Spanish and Italians do that too, it wasn’t hard to guess who was leaning on me when I went to Euro Disney >_<)

        I can understand why you are so angry, I would feel the same if I was in that situation. But just understand, while some of the media report things like that, the majority of us don't think that way! 🙂 We're team HK!

  9. Don’t let the corporate media fool you, they are in bed with the Communist Chinese oligarchs. Tens of millions of Americans support Hong Kong and look askance at China’s grasping policies.Here is one mixed-race U.S citizen who will speak up for Hong Kong at every opportunity. Keep up the good work! Your blog is critically important – Hong Kongers like you ensure that the spirit of democracy and freedom remain strong in your part of the world. Since the British departure, I’ve watched with dismay as the Beijing mafia regime chips away at your system with insidious patience.

    I’m ashamed that the U.S government and corporate class has bargained away our economic independence by making deals with the Beijing regime. In a sense, it is the world’s longest-running armed theft as we use Beijing to extract value from poor Chinese factory workers at gunpoint. And if that seems like hyperbole, look at how workers and students were slaughtered in Beijing in 1989. That’s the inherent violence at the root of the Chinese “economic miracle.” I think it is important to make it clear that it is the Chinese leadership that is to blame for brutalizing Hong Kong – the average Chinese person is oppressed and is worked so hard they don’t have the time or opportunity to educate themselves about democracy. It is the Chinese government that stirs up senseless discord between regions in order to further their thefts and indecencies.

    While we enjoy Chinese-made goods we strengthen Beijing to menace Hong Kongers, Taiwanese and other populations with democratic leanings. It is a sad example of throwing away your cherished principles for a quick buck. I hope and pray that Hong Kong will achieve independence or at the very least it will be able to find protection from a well-meaning sponsor. If the British aren’t interested, would Australia be willing to help? You already know the U.S government won’t help. I’m doing my small part to try to change that and I wish you the best of luck as you fight for your own redemption. A blog like this gives me faith that there are good people around the world working for democracy.

    One small caveat: I would prefer the blog if you kept things about policy issues and didn’t indulge in broadly insulting Chinese people. You must know that some Chinese are rude and others are polite, like in any nation, it isn’t fruitful to stereotype a population as vast as the Chinese. Other than that, I enjoy your blog very much. Good work!

    • Dear Jake,

      Thank you very much for your encouraging and thoughtful comment, and I do truly appreciate your support and things you have done. Voices like yours in the Western world is rare and precious. I have had rather offensive comments that essentially says that the world doesn’t care about Hong Kong as it is only a tiny spot in the map. Nonetheless, that is not going to stop me, and people who share my love for my own country, regardless what the world thinks – Here’s a video that sums it all:

      I agree with you that the true invader is the China government (simply look at Tibet and East Turkestan (or what people nowadays called Xinjing). However, the government is backed by its people. Without the people’s “support” (all that it takes for evil to prevail is for good man to do nothing), the dictatorship couldn’t have lasted this long. There are scattered protests here and there, I admire those people’s courage, but have the general population awaken yet? Or the majority of them are quite happy to enjoy the privileges they have and willing to give up their fundamental rights and freedoms? I do agree wholeheartedly that Hong Kongers are to be blamed for what is going on in Hong Kong too.

      Perhaps, if you were living in Hong Kong, you would understand that desperation (or I dare say hatred) we share. If one watches his own freedoms and rights being taken away, and lives in one’s own land but being discriminated against, one’s livelihood is being changed, one’s tax is spent on the people who are not contributing to the society, one’s children are suffering from the influx of so-called “your fellow country men”, one’s defense is being distorted by others (particularly Chinese) as discrimination, one’s previous contribution to China is being ignored (Hong Kongers give so much money to Chinese relatives back in the old days and still donate massive amount of money when disasters hit whilst the donations go straight to the corrupted people’s pockets) and Chinese only accuse us, Hong Kongers, being jealous of their wealth, one is left with no choice but to hate them.

      The hatred is further incinerated by the very fact that Chinese hate Hong Kongers from the start! Numerous cases have shown that it’s not just one or two Chinese that are uncivilised, but countless of them defecate in public, rude to the Hong Kongers as they think that having money to spend means they are God, threatening Hong Kongers to wipe out our race (which the China government is doing anyway), accuse us of being ungrateful for the “supply” which we paid for and in many ways pay far too much (water we don’t need, for example, from China), etc.

      I strongly recommend you to visit our friends’ blogs. You can find them on a Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/realhknews

      If you can read all the articles there, particularly the posts by http://therealnewshk.wordpress.com/ which is news only, you may view this with a different perspective.

      I have repeatedly restrain myself from being too harsh on Chinese. Yet living in Hong Kong and watching my home and country being invaded day by day, yet no international help has come to sight (the Sino-British Joint Declaration didn’t stop Chinese from colonising Hong Kong as the Brits, for economic reasons, will never fulfill its obligations), and the majority of the Hong Kongers are so weak (yes, I despise those who don’t do their parts) to fight, what hopes do we have?

      Like you said, no government in the world would help. Not the US, of course, not the Brits (they would have done so long ago), nor would anywhere else. This is a battle only Hong Kongers can fight, help is always welcomed but it won’t be available in the foreseeable future, all we need is the awakening of the Hong Kongers. Fueling their rage and hatred will direct them to look at the real problems and help them think about what can be done.

      Once again, thank you for your encouraging message. I hope you will drop by again soon.

      Best wishes,

      Free Hong Kong

      • Hi Free Hong Kong,
        Can I have a word with you?
        We are working on a piece with different perspectives on #OccupyHK to get the whole picture for the world to understand the situation.
        So far we’ve gotten several sides of the story and your take on the situation will help us all to understand the issue well.
        Could you get back to us so we may interview you?
        You can get back to us at hello@vibrantcove.com

  10. HK our my adopted home, have been here for more than 25 years, one child born here, one arrived when 6 weeks old…I am deeply, deeply upset by the way HK is being slowly drowned. Keep up the good work. I can’t read Chinese so miss a lot of local news unless my friends or Chinese reading/writing speaking daughter fill me in. But I have eyes and ears, too sad

  11. Two hundred years ago many liberal intellectuals in Europe thought China was a utopia, with an orderly harmonious society and no religous wars. I think Voltaire and some others wrote about this.

    I think to understand things we must look deeper than Caucasian vs Chinese. First I think Caucasian means Chechen and Armenian, from Caucasus mountains, not German (etc) like me. Second, It was a special kind of western society which invaded China. It was not just West vs East. Look: the social group of property owners (bourgeoise) first defeated the ancient regime in the west in England’s Glorious Revolution, Dutch Independence, the American Revolution, the French Revolution, revolutions of 1848 and others. Then they defeated the Chinese ancient regime. The western empires who invaded China were Mercantile (bourgeois) empires destroying all obstacles to their economic expansion. They founded HK to aid their economic expansion. Communism was a way for the hierarchical continental empires of Russia and China to avoid control from the oceanic trade (bourgeois) empires of NW Europe. In the 1930s the super bourgeois in the USA were dreaming about China’s billion customers. After 1949 they were in shock about how they “lost China.” Now they got China back, they don’t care about Beijing’s fascism, they are happily making money and getting cheap labour from China. Suddenly they can make more money in China than HK. I am a German traditionalist with a degree in Chinese culture. Our European bourgeois society is the same as Mongol barbarians, only interested in immediate wealth. These two systems are strong at first, but unsustainable. In the future, historians will all agree that Confucianism worked better than western dictatorship of the bourgeoise. It was more stable and sustainable. But now, with bourgeois industrialisation, much of the land is destroyed so there is no way back to the traditional life. Capitalism slowly kills the connection with tradition, while Communism, desperate to beat capitalism, violently breaks with tradition. Both forms of modernism are doomed to fail. Because HK maintains the most precious Chinese tradition, it must be protected from the crazy PRC bourgeois communists.

  12. If Chinese are such losers in war, then why does 50 percent of China today is not occupied by ethnic Chinese, like Inner Mongolia, Tibet, Xinjiang et al. And if Japan and Britain were so strong, how come they are occupying such small Islands. This is not a hallmark of weakness. It was the Chinese who burnt down the capital of the mighty Mongolians. When Japan boasted they could take Shanghai in 3 days and China in 3 months, the poorly armed Chinese made mockery of their boast. In fact, Chinese are the most resilient people in the world!

  13. I support your effort, but I think you’re a bit misinformed. A lot of stuff to cover, I’ll just get to it. Essentially, I’m only familiar with most of your talking points as political points stipulated by the Communist Party. Chinese guilt? WTF? This is the rubbish the Communists dish out to justify their posturing. It’s a psychological ploy. The communists have to break you down your sense of identity by instilling “guilt” you “should have,” then offer “their” solution, the Great Unified Communist China.

    When I lived in Seattle I worked with a Taiwanese citizens group and I never in ten years heard anything about “Chinese guilt.” Lmao. WTF. Later, one of my friends was a Shanghai graduate student, her parents were both Communist Party, so she was on the first wave of mainland students able to afford US study, and then this “Chinese guilt” bullshit started to show up on the radar. In fact, you see it in a lot of Western so-called “scholarship” these days, because all these so-called “scholars” all studied at some mainland shithole university where essentially Communist ideology has supplanted what is established fact. The so-called “scholars” walk away with all this Communist bullshit and go out into the world writing papers in English repeating all this fucking rubbish. Chinese “shame” and Chinese “guilt.”

    It’s okay. It’s only natural to have this sort of obvious self-awareness of one’s own history. So let me share some obscure historical facts from Holland. You might have heard of Holland. It’s that small European country unfortunate enough to be next to Germany, one of the most militant and aggressive countries in world history. Being situated next to the most aggressive country in the world, unfortunately Holland had to endure numerous attacks and invasions from Germany. In fact, Holland is no stranger to foreign invasion. Over the last 2000 years, Holland was variously invaded or attacked and occupied by Rome, Rhineland feudal lords, German kings, French Kings, English kings, Spain, France, and of course Germany.

    With such a record of invasion…….. do you think the Dutch people daily talk about their “national shame?” of foreign occupation or invasion? LMFAO. Let me translate that for you. LAUGHING MY FUCKING ASS OFF.

    Of course not.

    The whole meme of “foreign occupation” was created by Chinese “nationalists” to weave the increasingly more cemented myth of a unified Chinese people.

    This is the crux of the matter that deals all this bullshit. As I like to explain to my friends ad nauseum: China is not really “one country.” China was originally dozens of different ethnic and cultural groups. Over 2000 years of wars and occupation–“humilating foreign occupation”–in the lingo of the Communists… the Han group has spread throughout the entire continent and gradually supplanted the local customs, culture and language of the smaller ethnic groups.

    I liken the Han dominance of China to a Roman occupation of Europe. As I mentioned earlier… imagine a Rome that never collapsed? Imagine for a second, the Roman empire endured the last 2000 years. Do you realize how many people would be speaking “Roman” today? Quite nearly 600 million. “Rome” would include my grandmother’s hometown in Holland, and we would be taught “Roman” in schools. The problem of course is, we are not “Roman.” we are Dutch. We speak Dutch. We are ethnically and culturally different from “Romans.” How were we supposed to maintain our ethnic and cultural identity against a dominant Roman culture if it was the administrative and legal framework of the entire continent? Europe would be synonymous with “Rome.”

    Do you see where I am going with this? The difference between Europe and China is… our Rome collapsed in 5th Century A.D. After that there were 2 more attempts to “unify” Europe, Napoleon, the Nazis.. and even today the Globalists who are cramming EU down our throat.

    This is what Guangdong has to contend with. You’ve been occupied by a foreign power for the last 2000 years. YOUR language and cultural is being slowly eroded and eliminated by the Han Chinese the same way a Roman occupation of Europe would usurp local customs and languages to justify their “one Roman Empire” wet dream.

    But since the lie of “one Unified Chinese People” has been in the making for almost 2000 years now, it’s quite natural that most Chinese are oblivious to the simple fact that China is to the Han people what Europe was to the Romans. China was a continent of many different cultural groups. The SINGLE mission of the Communist Chinese party is to eradicate this simple truth and to repeat OVER AND OVER AND OVER that there only ever was ONE CHINA, ONE CHINESE PEOPLE, and ONE CHINESE LANGUAGE.

    The very, rudimentary SIMPLE evidence that this is simply a blatant lie is the Cantonese language.

    So you see my friend… as part of the 2000-year long campaign to eradicate every cultural group on the Chinese continent.. .Cantonese is simple and elegant evidence that Chinese cultural “hegemony” is a lie.

    Did you know on old Korean maps the territory of Korea extends far into what is today simply “assumed” to be China? It was lost in a series of wars with the Mongols and Manchu, but in spite of their “humiliation” at “foreign occupation” the people in that region, that has seen 500 YEARS of Chinese occupation……. STILL SPEAK KOREAN.


    Communist mythology on the “One Great Han People” myth is so pervasive, it’s even spreading across Western information sources. Go to Wikipedia now and there’s a whole bunch of garbage about “Han People” being the single and dominant racial and ethnic group in the continent.

    Anyone who lived in Guangdong for any amount of time can tell Cantonese people are ethnically different from Han people. It’s as obvious as Italians are different from Dutch.

    So you see my friend, even your arguments for the protection of your own identity don’t go far enough.

    Don’t ever let ANYONE tell you about any kind of humiliation bullshit. It’s all a lie. Especially present day Hong Kong people. Most of them are political refugees from the brutal fucking Cultural Revolution.

    The real LIE of China is that all Chinese are Han People with one unified culture and language and blah blah blah.

    Just compare the history of Europe to solve all your questions. Do you think Dutch is a dialect of Roman because we use Roman script? LMFAO. This is another Han bullshit lie. If the Han analogy of writing applied to Roman writing systems, there would be no linguistic diversity in the entire Western world. WTF.

    The only thing taught in Commie fucking schools is Brainwashing 101. There’s no logic, reason, knowledge, or history. Just fucking lies, lies and more lies. And all lies lead to one path: the greater glory of the fucking Communist motherfucking party.


    Be proud of who you are and your heritage and don’t have any humiliation for anything every. Until this year, I was really struggling to learn Cantonese. But the more I hear mandarin around me every day the more I want to learn Cantonese, so I’m going to redouble my effort to learn as much Cantonese as possible.

    Independent Hong Kong for Hong Kong people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • wow! this is excellent!!! I’m glad to have supporters like you! the gov’t has already started brain washing these little kids through text books and schools i think there really isn’t a solution to this language issue unless, we send them all to private schools!

  14. a charmingly polite couplet of comments, as one of the rudest, most uncivilised people in the world I commend your grasp of the vernacular and your effort to lower yourself to our rudeness, thank you MS or mr fuck Hongkongers, try a bit harder and you will blend in here perfectly…………..

  15. Hong Kong is supposed to be free and I don’t understand why “some people” want to steal their freedom and happiness. And those “some people” are forcing their way into getting Hong Kong into their control. The “some people’ have no minds to think in and will try to take over stuff and steal freedom from other people.

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