Beijing: Those who are unhappy can leave Hong Kong

Dictionary of Politically Incorrect Hong Kong Cantonese

From March 29th 2013 Oriental Daily,

Last week (March 21st 2013), the air force of the PLA Hong Kong garrison suddenly conducted its first firing drill in Hong Kong’s territory. In the past, the garrison always gave important news to the Hong Kong media. However, this time, they didn’t announce this newsworthy activity to the Hong Kong media, nor did they provide footage of the drill. The Hong Kong media reported the news by capturing CCTV’s footage.

Two Military Drills WITHIN 9 Days

It seems to be too far-fetched to link the drill with “Occupy Central”. Yet, it doesn’t make sense to say the two events are unrelated. Benny Tai, being a scholar, probably has underestimated Beijing’s determination to defend its regime. Qiao Xiaoyang’s speech which was delivered in Shenzhen was gradually published. The latest version of the speech: If the two premisses set by Beijing are…

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