Hong Kongers Awaking

Read this piece in late Feb (this has been sitting in my draft box for a while…) and find it explains a lot of things and reminds me how myself (or many other pro-independence Hong Kongers) come to support Hong Kong’s independence.

Hong Kong has long been separated from the PRC (China), under the colonial time Hong Kong advanced a lot faster than its neighbourhood PRC, and had been living a more comfortable life. Somehow, this became a “guilt” – similar to the so-called white guilt, and subconsciously think that Hong Kong has to help or even compensate China.

This nationalistic idea has rooted deep down and muddled up Hong Kongers’ self identity – Are we Chinese (race)? Are we British (nationality)? Are we Hong Konger (ethnicity)?

Because of the guilt, Hong Kongers had (to many still have) zero resistance to the “ideas” of “we are all Chinese” and “blood is thicker than water”. Hence, many pan-democrats and social movements focus solely on this “nationalist” ideology amongst most Hong Kongers. Supporting Peking students back in 1989, Li Wangyang’s “suicide” case, are just two examples – it’s a matter of doing the right thing but not necessarily because “we are all Chinese”. The so called pan-democrats are hijacking Hong Kongers’ empathy for the injustice in PRC, and hooking it to the nationalist ideology. Gradually (after decades) PRC’s democratic development became the precondition of Hong Kong’s democratic movement – if China doesn’t have democracy, Hong Kong will never have democracy, hence Hong Kongers should help PRC’s democracy.

Communist China sees this logical fallacy and guilt amongst Hong Kongers, and they demand Hong Kongers to pay their debt – making Hong Kongers contribute and became their stepping stone to economic boom. Luring Hong Kongers with hot money, uncontrolled tourists, and many other so-called economic benefits (how is having China companies listing in Hong Kong benefit the people of Hong Kong? This helps Chinese companies to have access to global investors and Hong Kongers’ money) to achieve PRC’s assimilation scheme.

Communist China uses Hong Kongers’ guilt to make them believe China is still the underprivileged and Hong Kongers have the obligations to help and save China. It does not make any sense to demand a city-state with 7 million people to support and resolve problems for a country with a population of 1.3 billion!

The author of this commentary said that he’s glad to see Hong Kongers are awaking recently – “unload their guilt” and stand up for the local’s rights and livelihood.

He quoted that Krystian Zimerman, who vowed would not return to the US until George W. Bush was out of office in protest of America’s placement of a missile defense shield in Poland, saying “get your hands off of my country” and said it fits Hong Kong’s situation perfectly. Communist China has been invading Hong Kong since the handover of its sovereignty on multiple levels – population, politics, education and economy. CY Leung, the Chief Executive, insists on paying attention to the feelings and needs of Chinese in the PRC. Law enforcement units side with Mainland Chinese smugglers, local “politicians” repeatedly emphasis the needs for Hong Konger to embrace Mainland Chinese because they are the underprivileged” even though they break laws and disrupt Hong Kong’s society.

Hong Kongers have the right to say to these traitors and invaders “GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF MY HOME!”

5 thoughts on “Hong Kongers Awaking

  1. Chinese is not a race…Mongoloid is a race (anthopology terms). Current Han culture is based on cultures of all 54 minority groups of China. The Pearl delta region represents its own cultural group based on both mixing of both “Nan yue tribes” and “Tong ren” (based on ancient western proto-Turkic Xirong tribes). I most likely have Xirong blood in me, because both me and my mother have wavy hair. Its time for ppl in HK to re-explore their ancient roots. The Central Plain regions were not the only “civilized” ones in ancient times.

  2. 支那豬 spies are everywhere in HK now and I truly frighten of them because I have ppl I care abt are still in HK. Since the Milk Scandal Whistleblower was murdered, I don’t even know if the mainland wants to change or even care for its “common masses”.

    I am born overseas, thus I would be considered by China as a “slave/lackey” to “white imperialists”. Therefore, I would have no right to comment on the issues of the “homeland”. Then, why must I have to blindly believe that my “homeland” knows what’s best. The past events on the mainland such as the land reforms of 50s have scarred my family of earlier generations and many others. My grandparents fled to HK so they could avoid being beaten for being “land owners”. Fucking 支那 nationalists would say that they “deserved” it, but these particular types would most likely rat out their own mother because they were “anti-revolutionary”. The CPC gov’t seems to enjoy their own place of power and keeping their version of “neo-feudalism” in place by any means possible. Please get in contact with 沈建德 of taiwannation.com.tw and take a look at this link:

    Chinese is NOT a language


    • Dear friend, thanks a lot for sharing. I’m aware of the PowerPoint document, and think it’s a great illustration.

      If there are people who live in Hong Kong that you care about, do help promote the idea in whichever country you’ve living in.

      Could you drop me a note/private message so that I can discuss some ideas that I have please?


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