Is Occupy Central a Scam?

Here’s an interesting column piece today. An activist who contributes to AM730, a local Chinese language newspaper, commented on Occupy Central, a hot topic that pan-democrats and pro-Peking individuals debate and talk about an awful lot recently.

Occupy Central,  A Big Scam

Jimmy Lai, Martin Lee and the old hands, who are long perceived to be leaders of pan-democrats, have voiced their support for the “Occupy Central” proposal raised by Professor Benny Tai. All those who criticise the framework of their activity or those who are disappointed by the fact that no formula has been agreed for Hong Kong’s “general election” over the past decade (the standard which says “(it must) fulfill international human rights” eventually came out – Wow! And the Pope is Catholic!) are categorized as “intend to resolve the issue with violence, want to see bloodshed, want to hijack the activity” – some pro-democrats even questioned: if not doing it this way (peaceful demonstration that does not disrupt the social order), what other ways are there? Are we just going to sit and do nothing? In 2010, Democratic Party had a closed door negotiation with China Liaison Office about Hong Kong’s political reform, Helena Pik-wan Wong, the Deputy Convenor of the Alliance for Universal Suffrage, asked the public to wait for another 8 years (before HK can have universal suffrage in general election). The opposition then was also condemned to be dividing the pan-democrats, causing troubles, etc. Some questioned the opposition “if we do not pass the reform bill, what are we going to do? (Isn’t that better than) making no progress at all?” Where these very words are still vivid memories, the same thing is happening yet another time.

In the past, Hong Kongers looked up to the 4/June movement and saw it as the “halo” of democracy (a common term of reference to describe the holiness and nobility of a movement, I’d use “holy grail” in the following as I find it translates better, the word halo rhymes with Central in Cantonese). Those leaders who sacrificed touched people’s heart. Over twenty years have passed, those who passed away are still heroes, but to Hong Kongers they are not as close and powerful to us as the immediate threats and pain we face daily as our culture and livelihood being tormented and facing the ever intensifying chinafication.

Out-dated politicians are still holding on to the halo today. They failed to grasp the change of people’s sentiments. Instead, they turn to focus on constructing a scam that can bring them a new holy grail. To them, there isn’t much time left (why did they ask people to wait for a few years then? Shouldn’t they have apologised for betraying the people of Hong Kong?), they have to find something to do.

Occupy Central is certainly a powerful civil disobedience action. Whether or not it will bring universal suffrage in general election is still a mystery; joint resignation by pan-democrats at the Legislative Council to trigger bi-election, a way lower cost method for people to express their views compare to ten thousand people being arrested voluntarily (as suggested in the Occupy Central proposal), is not accepted; a complicated “Occupy Central guideline” that the general public doesn’t understand suddenly appeared. All these aim at prolonging their possession of the holy grail to secure the value of their continuous existence. Come on!

Hong Kong’s glorious era belongs to them. The dream of Hong Kong’s democracy belongs to them. The way they design and set out is the only way. “War is young men dying and old men talking”. Young thoughts always come to destroy (the old).

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