Chinese Being Discrimated by Hong Kongese – Wee in Public is Not Allowed!

A Chinese (a.k.a. Mainland Chinese) blogger complained about being discriminated by Hong Kongers! Summarising the story below:


In his/her recent trip to Hong Kong, something very upsetting happened to him/her…
The blogger and his family (including his/her just over 2-year-old son) went to the Tsui Wah Restaurant (a famour local restaurant chain) on Carnarvon Road around 8-9pm on 9/Feb. They have a habit of carrying a plastic bottle for the child to wee in case they can’t find bathrooms in the public.
The child wanted to have a pee, and the blogger took him to a corner inside Tsui Wah and get ready for his release. The staff in Tsui Wah almost screamed at us “there’s a toilet on the 2nd floor!” Everyone in the restaurant looked at the blogger and the child. The blogger said to the waitress “my child is very young, he might not be able to hold and wet his pants. It’s cold and he may catch a cold!”
Before the waitress could response, another male staff tried to stop the blogger, who wrote “he said that peeing inside the restaurant is not allowed, and it affects other customers or whatever”.
The blogger said: I understand that it (kid peeing in public) is not pleasant, but if the staff really concern about other customers, they should have come over and tell us quietly instead of screaming at us. The truth is, the Hong Kongers are just against Mainland Chinese! We were very upset because of that. Our Lunar New Year’s eve was ruined because of these Hong Kongers who discriminate Mainlanders.

7 thoughts on “Chinese Being Discrimated by Hong Kongese – Wee in Public is Not Allowed!

    • It occurs to me (and fair few others) that Chinese have the tendency to blame other people for accusing them for wrongdoing instead of introspection and admit to their own faults.

      Some say we must not generalise people. However, it seems that it is how human beings are programmed to function. We observe the bad behaviours of certain type/group of people and be guarded against them. It’s a type of self-protection mechanism.

  1. The truth is, the Hong Kongers are just against Mainland Chinese!

    lol this one is funny, mainland chinese in denial. while i do agree hong kong may not like ‘some’ mainland chinese, it is exactly for that (among other thing): A considerable lack of education and behavior, the guy doesn’t understand that only chinese would pee in a restaurent like that. I’m french and in the crazy event i will let my child pee in a restaurant don’t you think whatever my nationally is, the staff will be chocked especially in a civilized place where it has never happen for a millennium? You do that in any civilized place in the world , and you could have even worst that a shout.

    If you don’t understand that, well stay in china or wait i got a crazy idea — buy a diaper for your kid.

    • Thanks MagicMouse for leaving a comment (I made some minor edits on typos, hope you don’t mind).

      The reason for translating this ridiculous blog article is to use it as an example to demonstrate how Chinese logic works – if someone is accusing them for wrong-doing, they’ll legitimate it by saying people are discriminating them, give “reasons” why they do that (lack of education), etc. This is not an isolated case.

      I completely agree with you that diaper for the kid is the way if this blogger believes that his/her child cannot hold a pee for 2 minutes. Also, any decent parents would know the importance of visiting the loo with their children every time they get a chance!

      Given the fact that this person uses a blog to post his/her experience, it shows that he/she is at least literate, poor education doesn’t apply in this case. Personal hygiene, respect for other countries’ law, no littering, the simple difference between human being and wild animals in terms of where to offload their bladders, etc are not exclusive “knowledge” for those who are educated.

      Thanks again for dropping by, please come again!

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