Debating the Homosexual Issue in Hong Kong

There’s been a lot of debates and protests over whether a consultation (it’s not legislation!!) on Sexual Orientation Discrimination Ordinance should take place.

I haven’t been writing about this even though it’s a hot topic in recent months in Hong Kong. I always think that we have the right to choose who we love and who to be with, same sex, different sex, what does that matter?

On what ground could some people use religion as an excuse to discriminate those who love their partners? Accusing homosexuals for committing sin is just beyond me. Anyway, just want to share this blog post (Debating the Homosexual Issue in Hong Kong) I bumped into today.

I, in fact, think that homosexuals deserve the right to marry their loved ones, just like the so-called normal people.

I was watching this video, and I couldn’t help but think: many heterosexual couples are quite happy to divorce or cheat on each other, whilst some a devoted to their spouse. What difference does gay or straight make? It’s people’s personal life. Leave them alone!

Love has no boundary.


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