Bauhinia – an old song about Hong Kong. My motherland, my home, today and forever.

This old song is called “Bauhinia”, written by Sam Hui in the 80s – He’s a legendary singer-song-writer in Hong Kong. He’s written a number of extremely beautiful songs reflecting the real life of Hong Kong people. This is one of my favourites.

The video shows the amazing transformation of Hong Kong, a clip for a video competition made by Hong Kong people.

Here’s my attempt to translate the lyrics, hope you enjoy the video and the music:

Bauhinia by Sam Hui

Neon lights, shopping paradise. A free and prosperous city
A fishing island, weathered all sizes of storms. A tiny spot on earth that enjoys fame
In the East, a pearl shines
Foreigners are attracted to it, the one-and-only Hong Kong
In Hong Kong, the home of you and I – Hong Kong
Bauhinias blossom everywhere, eyeful of enchanting scenery

For Hong Kong’s future, we must have hope, find solutions together, to ensure its forever stability
Ahead of us is a broad road. Nothing for us to fear for. We have each other to weather any storms

In the East, a pearl shines
Continue to strive for Hong Kong’s future
Never stop developing, so it will shine even brighter.
Help each other, face challenges together
Ensure the forever blossom of our Bauhinia. Remain strong, Hong Kong!

Hong Kong will continue to be a paradise, because there’s always light at the end of the tunnel

洋紫荊 許冠傑





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