Reasons for starting my blog…

Perhaps, our world has changed. Blogging has become something that people can share not only about their lives but something that can influence others! I bet not many thought of it when blog was first “invented”.

Years ago, when I was a student, I was introduced to the new world called “Blog”. Tried to write a blog about what’s going on in “my life” every now and then, but that lasted for about a month. My friends said, “you need to write about something that you’re passionate about, or you’ll simply lose interest!” I guess that’s true, but what do I feel passionate about?

Unlike some fortunate people who can study abroad, I was born in Hong Kong and live in this lovely humble land ever since. Now when I come to think about it, it probably was a blessing in disguise!

Hong Kong was a British colony for well over a century. People enjoyed a great degree of freedom despite there was no democracy (didn’t get to elect our governors). Ever since the transfer of sovereignty in 1997, things change and often decline so quickly that when I walk down the street I find my home a strange place…

Now, I’ve found something that I want to blog about. Something that I’m truly passionate about… My home – Hong Kong. By living in this wonderful place for all these years, I have come to realise that nothing can hurt me more than what people are doing to my home (this affects my families too!).

The more I read, the more I realise – Hong Kong is becoming a place that the PRC government is determined to ruin, and strategically invading Hong Kong and turning it into the PRC’s colony

The world seems to think that Hong Kong is doing just fine (even the Consul-General in Hong Kong reported back to the UK that 1-country-2-system is working perfectly well!!!!). This blog is somewhere for me to vent my frustrations, but more importantly a platform for Hong Kong to be seen by the international world from a different prospective, or more accurately, revealing what the truths are underneath a peaceful and harmonious veil created by those in power.

(This little hope I have is exactly why, I’m writing in English not in my mother tongue Cantonese)


2 thoughts on “Reasons for starting my blog…

  1. Hey if you Hongkie want independence go to Tiananmen square and do something about it,instead complaining on the internet.Also if you hongkie don’t want do anything with ”Chinese” then stop speaking Cantonese or stop celebrant Chinese festival this will makes you look white rather than ”Chinese”

    • Thanks for your message. To start with, I (and many Hong Konges) do not recognise the China Communist government. Why would you ask a government that you do not recognise to “give” you what you want to achieve for your country?
      You see this as complaining, I see this as campaigning. Freedom of speech is one thing that we still have in Hong Kong, and internet is a great platform for the world to express their views as well as help build a better world.

      I have never heard anyone besides Chinese (for readers’ easy understanding, Mainland Chinese) who’d demand others not to speak ones mother tongue – Cantonese is our mother tongue, what rights does anyone have to tell others not to use our own language? Same goes to Chinese festivals. Does that mean English cannot be spoken by anyone else besides English? Does that mean non-Christians cannot celebrate Christmas? I am sure many would disagree.

      Base on what you said, I am pretty sure that you want to accuse me for being British’s running dog. Please hear me out: I have no desire to look white, and I am quite happy with my tan. In fact, I detest the British government for what they’ve done to Hong Kong – agreeing not involve the people of Hong Kong in the negotiation with China Communist government is fundamentally wrong. This doesn’t mean that they haven’t done good things for Hong Kong. I also despise the United Nations for not stepping in into a clear violation of an internationally recognised agreement (Sino-British Joint Agreement).

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